Website design & Development

website design and development

CMS Website

In this content-driven world, CMS empowers you to build powerful digital experiences for your customers. We find it very necessary to invest in an effective Content Management System (CMS) because it helps deliver a consistent digital experience across different channels, devices, or platforms. CMS helps to identify the edits you make in the content or design and reflect all the changes in the search engines quickly. Hence, a comprehensive ecosystem enlarges the revenue as well as boosts customer loyalty.

Highlights of our CMS website development services:


Enhanced features

Better aligned functionalities

Greater security 

CMS helps in a better Return on Investment (ROI) and is equipped with varied features such as adding new modules, themes and features periodically. The biggest advantage is that CMS helps in managing your entire internet marketing strategy under one roof. Every business desires to minimize the limitations as far as possible and that’s when CMS comes into play. It is one of the vital platforms which incorporate all your business needs and requirements. CMS is like a catalyst for business growth which allows visitors to get flexibility that helps them find what they are looking for on your site or app.

We, at STZ Soft, believe in presenting every brand an individual distinctiveness through its website. We accomplish this by earning a deep understanding of the business and integrating this insight into every aspect of the website. With millions of competitors, providing the same services, a personalized website plays an important role in describing and maintaining deep-rooted business-customer relationships.

As an untimely adopter of responsive website design, our team has helped clients large and small reach customers of the desktop, tablet and mobile-variety through building responsive sites that work on any operating system. Feel free to get in touch at STZ Soft. We’re very responsive as well.

Web Application Development

Web Application is an important factor for businesses to achieve its objectives much faster and also helps to target numerous clientele and customers at a time. 

A web application is all about branding process which enables to maintain a proper communication channel between potential customers and the business organization.

web application development company

We help you get the output of a smart and user-friendly website which would let your business earn an extra edge over the competitor and lets your business scale up the resources that you need as per your business needs and requirements.

If you want to create a noticeable and convenient website, you need to concentrate on functionality, appearance, navigation and coding efficiently to hold the attention of viewers. Your website should be so creative that it manifests the brand of the company and what it accords in. Among all those website development companies, we are in the play!

Highlights of our website development services:

Expertise in project and portal management

Easily customize on open source applications

Versatile with Linux/Unix and windows

Versatile with Linux/Unix and windows

Work dexterously on your projects as per your given time frame 

E-commerce website

An e-Commerce store is all about putting the customer on the first priority when designing.

Whether you have an e-Commerce store already, or are looking to create one, most companies have the end goals in mind of increasing overall sales, and satisfying your customers’ needs and expectations. Customers are born with expectations. And if you fail to meet those expectations, this will lead to higher abandoned cart rates and lost sales. Your website and online store should give a seamless experience that is easy, fast, secure, and visually appealing.

ecommerce website development company

It’s all about details. And if you think to build ecommerce site you need to focus on details because details can make or break your ecommerce site. Details can benefit in many ways which can attract visitors, keep them coming, and, of course, convert those shoppers into buyers. It should be right, perfect and clear which can boost your ecommerce business.

Highlights of our e-commerce services:

Completely customizable

Custom URLs for stores

Dashboards for Admin and sellers for real time sale updates

Flexibility to set exclusive commission, shipping and seller subscription rates

STZ Soft expertises in building, designing and maintaining e-commerce websites. We are versatile to innovative changes in the e-commerce domain and if you have been struck with an idea to go for your e-commerce website, here we are!

Our experimental team will offer the most innovative solutions for the results you desire and be very pleased with the results. It will be our pleasure to have you as one of our customers.