Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is becoming the most powerful way to reach out to customers’ prospects. While it costs very less, it provides diverse flexibility. Our Email Marketing Services in Mumbai provide complete email campaign management from designing, earmarking, execution and documenting of high-impact SMS Marketing Services.

We at STZ Soft start by offering you right consultation on the ways of doing email campaign for maximum result. Our consultants are specifically qualified to design mailers for higher response rate.

How can we help you?

We manage your contact list with advanced segmentation features.

Avail real time email tracking and reporting with email marketing campaigns

Organize your campaign at a time/date that suits you best

Deep insight into mail bounces to communicate with recipient.

Highlights of SMS and Email Marketing:

Quick and easy integration API

Robust Structure

No regret pricing

Privacy control

Globe coverage

Advance algorithm and powerful API

We create email with an ability which many channels don’t: Creating valuable, personal touches-at scale.

STZ Soft’s affordable email marketing services offer an enormously cost-efficient mode to be in touch with prospective as well as present customers. Alike direct/postal mailing, email marketing solution is expeditious, reasonable and easy to use procedure of communication with your clients. Hence, we bring an encouraging approach and effect on revenue.

Controlling and conserving this adherence in the highly competitive market is a complex and an expensive task. SMS marketing exclusive combination of vigorous technology and innovative commercial model allows us to offer compelling propositions for our clients.