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Java: The best programming language in web development

  • Posted By : Aditi Shetye
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  • Date : 2018-12-20

When it comes to the perfect programming language for the development of your site, it is important that you understand that there is no perfect programming language. Once you understand this, it is simply a matter of selecting the language that best caters your needs and any website design agency in Mumbai will love to build new programming languages to earn better credibility in their business.

Among all the programming language, we will focus today on Java. Java is a general-purpose programming language and some developers prefer using Java for building desktop GUI applications, while others develop a variety of web applications by influencing Java technologies.

Not only that, if you like to develop mobile apps and game for Android, Java is best. There are also numerous reasons why Java will remain important over a longer period of time.

Important Reasons Why Importance of Java will remain in the Longer Run

1) Fully-fledged and Transmogrify

Java always comes with several new features and enhanced performance such as supporting both functional and concurrent programming or new features like a new date/time API and improved Nashorn JVM JavaScript engine, while assisting parallel processing and lambda expressions. So, JVM-based languages get ready to compete with Java!

2) Platform Maverick

Nowadays programmers always look for a programming language that enables them to write the application code once and deploys the application code across multiple platforms without putting extra effort. “Bytecode”, the collection, makes it uncomplicated for programmers to use the application code on any platform that supports Java and also easily port the application from one platform to another without compiling the code repeatedly.

3) Supports Common Programming Models

Thanks to Syntax! Syntax is a boon for beginners as they find it easier to learn and use Java within a shorter amount of time. At the same time, Java is a coincident, class-based and object-oriented programming language and supports concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation which becomes easier for programmers to make the applications modular, substantial and ductile. In order to implement the object-oriented design principles more systematically, the developers can take benefits of certain Java libraries.

4) Google Suggests for Android App Development

There’s no way developers can run away from Android! Google recommends mobile app developers to write Android apps only in Java because it can help you boost the application’s performance and compatibility of the Android apps easily. The developers are free to choose a variety of tools and libraries to write robust Android apps in Java within a shorter amount of time.

5) Affluent Set of APIs

Java is embraced with variety of Java APIs to accomplish common development tasks without writing additional code. These APIs are shared by large businesses, while others are uploaded by members of the community. API’s can do wonders for database connection, input/output, networking, utilities, security and XML parsing and also helps combine these APIs with various open source Java libraries to boost the application’s functionality and performance with zero extra time and effort.

On the whole, the pliability and convertibility make Java a general-purpose programming language in the true sense and also contribute hugely towards making Java one of the most popular and programming languages which is why a lot of business use and keep the importance of Java intact over a longer period of time.

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