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Important Steps which Needs To Be Followed In Web Design Process

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  • Date : 2018-12-05

Before jumping on the steps of a web design process, we are aware about our reworking task which never ends and goes on and on. It’s same with the web designer also. Even if there is slight modification he will rework the whole web design project. Why is it important to rework? Well, a client always seeks perfection in his website, no matter how much it costs, but he wants to walk with the updates of technology’s innovation. Always remember a detailed web design project always enhances your client’s business and ultimately speed up your work. Let’s understand the steps now:


Always remember, a lack of planning will always contribute towards an unsuccessful project whereas good planning leads to successful projects.  Planning is very important because what’s decided and mapped here sets the stage for the entire project. It also includes client interaction and the accompanying attention in detail.


Now get your imagination to transform into reality. At this stage, a documented site structure along with the visual representation is delivered. Now your website is somewhat growing. 


What exactly development involves? It involves the bulk of the programming work, loading content, keeping code organized and commented, and referring constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape. Build strategic approaches because it will give you a clear, shared, sense of direction and avoid future hassles by constantly testing as you go.


Launch for whom? For the public, of course. Let them view and decide now. Make them to trust you by delivering all the documented copies to the client and also ensure all the work is done on your end properly.

Cross check your website on your local server and then move to live server, in case you feel to change something more.  After cross-check is done properly you will have no problem launching the website. Finally, now it’s time to provide documentation and guides to the customer for their convenience.


Business comes in the play now! Wrapping source files, providing instructions for use and any required training occurs at this time. Make them ask you questions and also inform at the same time. Always remember, great communication can increase your popularity with clients, improve how trustworthy your clients see you and can make tricky situations easier to resolve. Make them committed to ongoing support. Establish maintenance charges and share it as soon as possible.


No no, wait! It is not finished yet. After launching now your real work starts. Maintenance needs your time and attention at regular intervals. If you really think of money, then take care of maintenance.

Monitor it thoroughly and examine upgrading to latest technologies when needed to ensure performance.

Web designing and development is time-consuming but if carried out in a methodical way, results are good. Remember this saying, “We love what we do and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites.” 

We hope this blog motivates you in future because we have already taken steps by following these processes and is actually helping us. At STZ Soft, we achieved the best results by following these fundamentals for web designing and developing.  Simply contact us and we will get back to you the same business day, promise.



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