Choose the best website designing agency for your business

How to choose the best website designing agency for your business?

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  • Date : 2019-12-07

Managing your business is a complicated task, and your to-do-list never ends. But you cannot use this as an excuse to not have a strong online presence. Starting with your website, it is essential to position yourself online with an influential and professional destination that gives the audience a lasting impression.

Website designing is a difficult task and involves many skilled experts such as graphic designers, website designers, and web developers. Even if you learn all this, it is always a good idea to hire professionals. The question is to decide which company is the best. How do you know your business is in safe hands?

This blog is written for guiding you through the necessary points to look at a website designing agency while hiring the best website designing agency.

What professionals should the agency comprise of?

Before hiring a website designing agency, you should investigate their workforce. It is essential to have the right team so that you do not hit a roadblock in the middle of the project.

1. Graphic Designers – To create appealing logos and visual for your website

2. Content Writers – Copywriting headlines and writing blogs for your website along with website content

3. Web Developers – Creating a smooth and fast working interactive website with security protocols

4. User Experience Designers – Targeting the audience with the best UI designs

5. Digital marketers – To reach your audience and interact with them through social media

6. Project Manager – Who can liaise between you and the team for effective communication!

What Key Technical Skills Should You Look For?

You need to look out for agencies that are well-versed with the latest technologies but also have basic technical skills.

1. Graphic Designer Skills:

· Good with image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop

· Adobe Illustrator

· Video editing tools like Aftereffects

2. Website Designer Skills:

· HTML5 and CSS3

· jQuery

· WordPress

3.Developer / Coder Skills:


· JavaScript

· HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

Whether they can meet the deadlines and provide secure hosting?

Before hiring, make sure if the company or the team of designers can meet the deadline. Make sure that you have explained your scope to the agency and the number of changes you can request. Keep up with the timelines of the progress of your website and keep things in check so that the project is completed within the deadline. Good hosting service along with security protocols is necessary to avoid bad experiences in the future. It is always better to produce quality work at a better price than spending time and money in repairing a work that is produced at a cheaper cost.

Why history, portfolio, testimonials, and references are important?

The past work of the company speaks about the quality of the company. Check the websites developed by the company before from a potential customer’s point of view and answer these questions:

Does the website explain to you what products/services the business offer?

· Are you convinced enough to buy them?

· Are you comfortable using the website?

· Is the website appealing?

· Are the headlines catchy?

· Is the site mobile friendly?

Talking with the people who have worked with the company before is a great way to have an insight into the work culture, ability and productivity of the company.

In a nutshell, you have to find a web design agency that has proven results and can be trusted with your project. STZSoft is one of the best web designing company in India serving the needs of clients. Our experienced team brings out the most innovative and attractive solutions.


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