Can you increase your website traffic?

How can you increase your website traffic?

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  • Date : 2019-11-26

Great! Now that you have extended your business to the world of the Internet, you have upped your ante. You had plans to increase ROI from your website. You hoped that your website visitors will turn into leads and customers.

But none of this is happening as planned. You are not receiving traffic. You are getting clicks but no conversions. Is there something seriously amiss with your website? Is your website designing and development service provider best in the field? What are you doing wrong?

Your website is an image of your brand and if visitors do not know what to do on your website then maybe your website is missing some crucial elements.

Do not fret as we are the best website designing and development company in Mumbai and we will guide you through the list of things that should be improved if you want your potential clients turned as clients and boost your conversion rate.


1. Content that matters

A website needs to have engaging content that raises awareness of the products and services. One of the reasons why visitors turn back on a website is because they don’t find the right content. We must understand the demands of the clients. An ideal website should have quality content which explains why the client needs the said services or why he/she should buy the offered product.


2. Social Media Presence

Clients should be able to contact the business owner through not only websites but also through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This approach brings the business closer to the audience and bridges the gap of communication. Just creating profiles is not enough. Content should be posted regularly to increase followers.


3. Mobile-Friendly Website

With the rise in smartphone users, it has become a necessity to optimize a website for phones and tablets. This extra design work is worth the effort as even Google has started prioritizing mobile-friendly websites. We can reach more clients and build credibility and increase brand value.


4. SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to generate leads and traffic. Most of the clients look on google for any product or service. Keyword research, long-tail SEO and many other Digital marketing strategies must be implemented to increase the ranking of a website to increase more traffic.


5. Appealing and smooth Interface

Maybe the website does not give the feel to the audience. We need to captivate the clients by making the website appealing. A smooth graphical user interface is a must. A website should run smoothly in all trending browsers and devices. The client skips a website if it takes more than 10 seconds to load.


Of course, there is a lot more that should be kept in mind but with the right team, you need not worry about your website. You need the best website designing services to grow and STZ Soft is at your service. We are one of the best website designing companies in Mumbai. From designing your website from scratch to increasing your traffic through digital marketing, our skilled team will help you grow over the internet. Reach us today and thrive in this era of digitalization.


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