Googles mobile friendly update

Everything you need to know about the Googles mobile-friendly update

  • Posted By : Aditi Shetye
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  • Date : 2018-12-05

“Google mobile-friendly update” the “hot potato” has been recently the hottest topic in the SEO world. But what does “mobile friendly” mean? It’s all about being concerned with text size, image size, space between links and should not be forced to zoom or scroll horizontally to be able to read a text, see images or navigate on a website. In this way, the website becomes optimized for all mobile devices.

But if websites are not optimized for mobile, you will ultimately get bad results. Poor user experience and a high bounce rate!

But there are some exceptions that will help you be prepared for the mobile revolution. Here are a few of them:

Select a “Mobile-only” design

Don’t underestimate the power of a responsive website!!! Though you choose the “mobile-only” design because of its simplicity but the responsive website should be your number one priority.

Build a Responsive Website

The worst part is when you visit a site which is unresponsive by appearing just as it does on the computer screen which is pretty terrible. This is the reason for constructing a responsive site is very important because mobile websites shouldn’t necessarily be mirror images of your website. You will come across many times when you visit a site that is not mobile-friendly and been completely turned off. You end up rebounding out of there as quickly as possible.

A well responsive site is recognized when the user attempts to view it from a mobile device and the result comes positive by getting displayed properly on the mobile screen. It will look smooth and clean. It won’t look like a truncated version of your website. No one likes that.

Building a responsive website is the most flexible option and an investment in the future of your website, and the success of your business.

Like it or not, updates like these are reaching down the pipeline—and even more are likely to follow. Don’t be an off one’s rocker wondering why leads are walking out your door. Joining the mobile-friendly revolution is not an option.

A responsive design certifies that you have a tailored experience for people of all screen resolutions and that you’re not alienating mobile visitors with a site that is cumbersome to navigate on a phone. It also alleviates the concern of a major drop-off in mobile organic search traffic with the impending algorithm updates.

At STZ Soft, we’ve been solving for these continual updates for years. As an untimely adopter of mobile-friendly website design, our team has helped clients large and small reach customers of the desktop, tablet, and mobile-variety through building responsive sites that work on any operating system. Feel free to get in touch at STZ Soft. We’re very responsive as well.



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