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All you should know about PHP and its benefits in web development

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  • Date : 2018-12-18

The internet is changing the world. With this, internet and business go hand in hand where ultimately websites start increasing. First there was static, then dynamic and then PHP was born.

PHP, a server side scripting language has got numerous benefits, and PHP Web Development Company in Mumbai is using PHP extensively to develop high class websites.

Now, let us know the three main areas where PHP scripts are used:

Server-side scripting

In PHP, server-side scripting is the key area of operation of PHP scripts. Server-side scripting with PHP involves:

  • PHP Parser - a program that transforms source/human readable code into a format unchallenging for the computer to understand
  • Web server - a program that enforces files that form web pages from user requests
  • Web browser - an application used to exhibit content on the World Wide Web

Command-Line Scripting

In this instance, with the use of just a PHP parser, the PHP script can be enforced without a server program or browser. This use of the PHP script is usually employed for effortless text processing tasks like task schedulers.

Desktop Application Development.

PHP can also be used for producing client-side applications like desktop applications. Desktop applications are usually identified by a graphic user interface. With knowledge in using the highly developed features of PHP, such as PHP-GTK, these client-side applications can be developed.

As we are done with the three main areas, now let us get through the important benefits of PHP in web development services:

1.     Supports all servers: PHP is a very supportive language which supports all the major web servers such as Apache or Microsoft IIS, Netscape and personal web server.

2.     Secured: It is not only supportive but also secured when it comes to developing websites and web applications; as it has got a security layer to safeguard against viruses and threats.

3.     Tested, proven and trusted: PHP’s capabilities have been tested and proven because many developers have used it with zero risks.

4.     Speedy: PHP’s workload of the server and loading time reduces automatically of web apps like e-commerce or CRM, because PHP uses its own memory for getting the processing speed faster.

5.     Platform independent: PHP supports all the major web browsers such as Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX. Hence, it is platform independent.

6.     Access to support: PHP is very accessible language to support as PHP is being used by a huge number of people which creates a large community. So, be rest assured because you will easily get the support from them.

7.     Easy: PHP is familiar with the syntax of C or Perl, so you will learn PHP easily and quickly.

8.     Control: PHP is not about long scripts, it’s just about few lines of codes; having the maximum control over the websites and even if you want to make changes, you can edit it easily.

9.     Cost efficient: No need to buy expensive software because PHP is free of cost because of its open source.

  1. Efficient: PHP will help you to enhance the performance of the website because of its scalability and reliability when writing the code as you deal with a lot of web pages.

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