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All you should know about .Net Framework

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  • Date : 2018-12-17

Programming is not an easy whack. Demands change in the middle of projects; technology boosts instantly and mercilessly; customers are expeditious to conclude and slow to explain. Programming does not get simpler. Rather, we programmers get clever.

So, in this blog, we will know about a programming language i.e. .Net. If you want to become .Net developer and want to know everything about it, then let us first understand what is .Net?

The .Net framework is a software development platform. It is developed by Microsoft which creates applications run on the Windows Platform and its first version of the .Net framework was released in the year 2002.

The framework also subsidizes various programming languages such as Visual Basic and C#. This makes easy for the developer to choose and select the language to develop the required application.

In other words, .Net is a simple platform which provides the ability to create a reusable module. Because of .Net platform, productivity increases & the number of programming errors reduces.

Now, here are some important questions and answers you should be aware of the language:

What articulation do you write .NET Core applications in?

.NET Core is a versatile framework and these applications are written in C#, F#, and VB which means you can write C# code on Linux and Mac now.

What kind of applications would you use .NET Core for?

You can write Web APIs, Console applications, and ASP.NET websites right now with .NET Core.

Do I need to learn .NET Core?

If you like writing, you can learn .NET Core. If you are concentrating only on Azure and building applications according to it or on Windows server somewhere, you can continue to write them in the full .NET Framework.

Will it replace the full .NET Framework?

No, it's not. It will continue to exist and be improved alongside .NET Core.

Is it compatible with the full .NET Framework?

Yes, with certain versions of the full framework as well as Xamarin's Mono framework.

Programming looks like enchantment, and some professionals make it look easy. But, don't fall for that because it's not easy, it never has been, and it probably never will be. But it can be done, and we can make it achieve. 

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