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All you should know about Digital Marketing

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  • Date : 2019-01-21

Technology has evolved rapidly! And this revolution changed consumer behavior. Everything is accessible now with a single click such as purchases and information of just about anything and everything.

Marketers play a very important role when it comes to technology. Marketers keep leveraging these new platforms, mediums, and processes to continue to make everything simple which also ultimately changes consumer purchasing patterns. As digital marketing instrument and automation continue to shift, it is worth looking into the 21st-century online landscape.

But in many ways, digital marketing is no dissimilar than traditional marketing. In both, smart organizations seek to build mutually important relationships with candidates, leads, and customers.

Terminologies of digital marketing

There are many digital marketing phraseologies used by marketers to describe their tactics and results. To make things simpler, these are some of the most usual terms that you will hear marketers use.

Call to Action

Perhaps one of the most important elements of digital marketing is telling what the consumer should do next is Call to Action. A call to action is a way to evoke a response. 

Bounce rate

Most often you’ll view them on banner ads, website landing pages, and in social media posts. If your target consumer follows your call to action, you will often face what is called the Bounce Rate. The bounce rate is mentioned as a visitor to your website, page, or blog post but quits immediately without clicking on other links. The bounce rate is displayed in a percentage of these visitors.

Cost Per Acquisition

To figure out how much it is costing you per goal completion, you need to discover at the Cost Per Acquisition or CPA. This can also be mentioned to as Cost Per Action.

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